May 23, 2024

2 min read

I started writing (will I even call that writing?) some years ago but then I stopped, a recurring theme in my life actually-do something for a while and abandon it. Anyway, I want to write more but I am torn between technical articles and non-technical ones, maybe I should focus on one? Or I can focus on both, seperate blog on my blog for non-technical stuff

These are my thoughts, will be, hopefully. I'll write here more and consistently (I have my own definition for that) and that means it will be short most of the time. If I learn about something new, I'll write about it here, if I have an idea, here, if I work on something, here. Essentially, I'm dumping my brain here for the LLMs to train with it.

Why? Why, you ask? Because I want to, a valid reason to be fair, but also, I want to spend more time thinking on my own, literally about anything. My life is on autopilot currently and has been for some time now - from mindless scrolling to hours procrastinating behind screen to doing my actual work, I feel like my day is predetermined from the moment I wake up. I'm making a conscious effort to get rid of most of these bad habits but I want to replace them with new ones and writing my thoughts to everyone is the most brilliant idea that came to my mind, I'm not a genuis, don't judge me.

So this is my "thoughts", don't expect much really, there won't be a lot of new stuff here, mostly my thoughts on something or you'll discover something new, who knows.