May 24, 2024

3 min read

After a long battle with myself all day, I've finally gathered the effort to write my thoughts on procrastination, the irony. First of all, I came back after the first day, which is progress but this isn’t going to be daily. Almost everyone procrastinates at some point, putting something of do to at a later time, it happens but the issue is when you make a habit out of it, in my case I have, which is not a good thing to admit but the first step to change is admitting your failures, some quote along the line.

I procrastinate a lot, about everything, with everything, expect work. I’m serious about my work and promised myself I wouldn’t procrastinate, though I might have slipped up once or twice. It is a recurrent theme in my life especially with school work. I always and I mean always put things to the last minute, studying for exams, the night before, assignments, the night before, presentation, I'll work on slides and memorize it the night before and I've done it countless time for as long as I remmember and in all fairness, for school work, it has worked out for me so far.

My thought process when I have something to do looks like this, I ask myself how hard is it? If it is going to be hard, I'll set a time for it, of which I'll never adhere to, if is it easy them I'm doing it hours before the deadline and mostly the reason is I don't want to do it. I asked myself why I procrastinate a lot and the answer was actually simple, because I'd rather do something else that what I have to do and also it is easier to do something else, something else being watching youtube videos or scrolling on twitter, than to do what I actually need to do.

I've been working on fixing my procrastination for a while now and I've come up with two solutions, kind off. First is that if the task will take less than 30 minutes, pause whatever you're doing and do it and go back to what you were doing, if it will take more than 30 minutes, set a time you know you're free and do it then (procrastination?). Secondly, do stuff whether you feel like or not, this has helped me a lot so far, regardless of my feelings towards it, whether I'll enjoy it or not, I'm to do it.

I was supposed to send chapter 2 of my final year project to my supervisor on Friday, and I spent time time during the week working on it and finished it before Thursday instead of staying awake Thursday night to finish the whole thing before my meeting with him. When Friday came, I felt no pressure, and I loved that feeling. It was a nice, different kind of dopamine. I enjoyed it and want to experience it more. I still procrastinate, but only with tasks that genuinely can wait until later.